Pens and Proof

Public Relations Is the Credibility You Need

While marketing gets the bulk of the attention given to how to promote your book, you can’t ignore public relations. So, what’s the difference? In a nutshell, marketing is you talking about yourself, and public relations (PR) is having other people talk about you. Think about when you see ads online or in a magazine […]

6 Steps to Earning 6 Figures with Your Book

Writing a book can be one of the more lucrative ventures you absolutely should undertake. You have the opportunity to turn your expertise and experience into  substantial income. If you are an entrepreneur, there really is no downside to writing a book about your zone of genius. Writing Writing your book doesn’t start with writing your […]

The Benefits of Writing a Book About Your Area of Expertise

We live in a highly competitive and knowledge-driven era, and simply knowing your field and/or your industry better than others won’t be enough to truly set you apart. Writing a book about your zone of genius, though, can be a game changer. Writing a book about your area of expertise is not just for academics […]