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Why 3 Sets of Eyes are Better Than One

Tajah Ware and Tayler Otten join Pens & Proof as copy editors.

I’m so excited! I am beyond proud to announce the addition of two new copy editors to our team. The addition of Tajah Ware and Tayler Otten offers myriad benefits to our editing and ghostwriting clients. Higher Degree of Quality and Precision Having Ware and Otten as part of the Pens & Proof team means […]

Choose Your Path: Traditional, Self, or Hybrid Publishing

When your book is ready, you have a choice: traditional, self, or hybrid publishing. Each one offers a list of pros and cons, and I gathered them here so you can make the decision best for your publishing journey. Traditional Publishing Opting for traditional publishing means securing an agent, and you can start looking at […]

6 Steps to Earning 6 Figures with Your Book

Writing a book can be one of the more lucrative ventures you absolutely should undertake. You have the opportunity to turn your expertise and experience into  substantial income. If you are an entrepreneur, there really is no downside to writing a book about your zone of genius. Writing Writing your book doesn’t start with writing your […]

The Very Real Cost & Potential Benefits of Self Publishing

For self-publishing authors, the financial investment is considerable, and so is the potential benefit. Final costs might total between $8,000 to $10,000, but what you earn could be unlimited. Why such a significant outlay? Why is editing, in particular, such a costly step in the process? And how can you reap bigger rewards by investing […]