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Why 3 Sets of Eyes are Better Than One

Tajah Ware and Tayler Otten join Pens & Proof as copy editors.

I’m so excited! I am beyond proud to announce the addition of two new copy editors to our team. The addition of Tajah Ware and Tayler Otten offers myriad benefits to our editing and ghostwriting clients. Higher Degree of Quality and Precision Having Ware and Otten as part of the Pens & Proof team means […]

One Editor’s Definitions for the 4 Levels of Editing

If you’re diving into authorship, you need to know that not all editing is created equal. When your manuscript is ready for the next step in your publishing journey, understanding the different levels of editing will help you choose the right path forward for your book. 📖✨ Proofreading (Mechanics) Technically, proofreading is the final step […]

Finding the Perfect Editor for Your Nonfiction Book

Congratulations! You’ve known for years that you needed to write a book about your zone of genius and you finally did it! Now, it’s time for you to find an editor. And yes, you need a professional.   Why you need an editor Your editor is essentially your quality control, which is especially important if […]

6 Steps to Earning 6 Figures with Your Book

Writing a book can be one of the more lucrative ventures you absolutely should undertake. You have the opportunity to turn your expertise and experience into  substantial income. If you are an entrepreneur, there really is no downside to writing a book about your zone of genius. Writing Writing your book doesn’t start with writing your […]

How to Find the Time to Write A(nother) Book Before the Holidays

You have years of experience in your field and industry and a list of dozens of talks, webinars, and presentations on your resume. As a result, you already have plenty of content and know-how. And you know you should write a(nother) book to further cement your subject matter expertise and reach more people, but like […]

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Editor Is the Write Way to Go

Congratulations! You completed writing your book. Putting the final period on your manuscript is absolutely something to celebrate. Have you hired an editor? Before you rush into publishing to start using your book to market your products and/or services or as your lead magnet for speaking engagements, be sure you engage a professional editor. There […]

How Editing Protects Your Brand Reputation

What if I told you that copy errors hurt your bottom line?  If you want to be taken seriously, if you want people to trust that you are a subject matter expert in your industry, if you want people to pay you for your products and services, you can’t show up online with content that looks […]