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Start Strong: Pre-Publication Marketing Strategies for Writers

Whew! You’re close to completing your book, and I know it has been a tough journey at times.¬†Congratulations! Now comes the real work: To not just recoup your investment in writing, editing, and publishing your book, you need to market and sell it. Think of your book as your side hustle or, at the very […]

6 Steps to Earning 6 Figures with Your Book

Writing a book can be one of the more lucrative ventures you absolutely should undertake. You have the opportunity to turn your expertise and experience into  substantial income. If you are an entrepreneur, there really is no downside to writing a book about your zone of genius. Writing Writing your book doesn’t start with writing your […]

The Power of Storytelling: Connect, Attract, and Collaborate

Because we live and operate in a global economy, it can be easy for you to feel as though you can’t possibly stand out in what feels like a saturated marketplace.  Forget dry product descriptions and sterile marketing jargon. The key to growth and deeper connection on almost every level lies in storytelling.  Why? Because […]

The Benefits of Writing a Book About Your Area of Expertise

We live in a highly competitive and knowledge-driven era, and simply knowing your field and/or your industry better than others won’t be enough to truly set you apart. Writing a book about your zone of genius, though, can be a game changer. Writing a book about your area of expertise is not just for academics […]